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Royal Debit & NFC Payment Processing

NFC mobile payment processing allows retailers to make use of their contact-free point of service terminal to accept payments via customer’s mobile devices. Royal Debit facilitates retailers by helping them offering a phone tap POS terminal that works with a corresponding Smartphone application installed on the consumer’s mobile device. Forget about cash, customers can even shop to their heart’s desire without the need of a credit or debit card. NFC works by connecting the POS terminal and the Smartphone via a Secure Element chip, which is authorized via the NFC. Read more

Top Benefits Of Using Royal Debit Merchant Services

“Consumers no longer are interested in withdrawing cash from the ATM just to pay for purchases.”

In the commercial world today, in order to be successful retailers have to offer a diverse range of convenient payment options to their customers while also maintaining security. In Canada, over 90% of consumers prefer to pay via credit, debit, or other electronic methods as opposed to cash transactions. In fact, Canada is ranked second on the list of cashless societies due to the preference for no cash payment options. Of the 15% of consumers that still use cash for in-store payments, most list complexity of cashless transactions as the reason for not converting. Read more

POS Terminal Upgrades for Improved Speed & Security

The economy in Canada continues to improve steadily while remaining stable according to reports as recent as April. This growth has given companies the courage they need to start improving current equipment and hiring more employees.  Two-thirds of companies surveyed agreed that they thanks in part to the positive signs of growth in the Toronto market, upgrading and expanding their workforce have become top priorities. Read more

Choosing the Perfect Merchant Account Service

If you’re just starting out as a business owner, you might delay opening a merchant account because you think it might be difficult. From researching and performing due diligence, it can be tough to make the right decision. However, there are quite a few websites that give proper information that can assist you with this and help you make the best decision. Read more

How Modern Technology Has Changed the Landscape of Business

Within the last decade, modern technology has had rapid improvements and dramatic changes made to the business market in Canada. While we’re sure it’s not limited to just Canada, we’ve seen quite the change from a personal standpoint. Because of the integration of electronic payments, processing fees and programs that have been supported by business programs and loans are rapidly adopted the many new types of electronic payments. Read more

How Important is a Reliable Merchant Service Provider for Businesses?

Many businesses that are located in Canada operate heavily under a service-driven market. They do so in order maintain relationships and initiate a connection between them. When you partner with a merchant service that’s of exceptional quality, you will be able to leverage the quality of service you provide. Read more

Business Innovation and the Efficiency of Operations will Ultimately Lead to Profitability

In this article, Royal Debit explains how business innovation and the efficiency of operations will ultimately lead to profitability. This article also highlights how important the value of a customer is, and how they ultimately measure growth sustainability, productivity, and profitability.

Read more

Royal Debit Tips for Small Business Owners Entering the Digital Age of Payment Processing

Do you own a small business that’s finally entering the digital era and setting up payment processing? Congratulations! You’re going to increase the likelihood of your business earning more money through convenience to the customer, as well as your potential reach. Read more

Don’t Ditch Your Traditional Storefront Just Yet – POS Solutions

New studies have been conducted and released by the Financial Post, in partnership with the CBC showing that Canadian retailers are just as much interested in the Internet as a POS storefront solution, as they are a traditional solution. Read more