July 24, 2018 Admin

POS Terminal Upgrades for Improved Speed & Security

The economy in Canada continues to improve steadily while remaining stable according to reports as recent as April. This growth has given companies the courage they need to start improving current equipment and hiring more employees.  Two-thirds of companies surveyed agreed that they thanks in part to the positive signs of growth in the Toronto market, upgrading and expanding their workforce have become top priorities.

With the RBC listing the growing economy in Toronto as the reason for added sales, it’s also the perfect time to look for a new job.  The 59% increase in the local economy is much better than expected from the previous forecast shown for the same time last year. It also proves that even though there have been setbacks in the value of the Canadian dollar, the economy is still thriving on its upward trend.

Expanding businesses have cited speed of sales processing and overall payment security as important concerns for their retail locations, which have led many companies to set their sights on Royal Debit as a solution for their payment processing concerns.

Canadian firms are showing a dramatic increase in their confidence levels with the Toronto economy as RBC news reports there may be as much as a 3% increase in the Canadian GDP.  This increase in income allows more companies to plan investments in their infrastructure such as purchasing new technology, machinery, and sales equipment. According to some market surveys, as much as 47% percent of companies in Toronto state that they have plans in the works to hire more employees thanks to increased sales, and that they plan to upgrade many of their older systems due to positive signs of market growth.

For many Toronto based companies, the market growth has come along at the perfect time. Upgrade for many out of date point of service systems have been sorely needed. With the rapid increase of banking safety, a lot of older POS models simply don’t offer the type of security needed to process most of the newer forms of payment on the market today. Most consumers have switched to cashless payment options such as swift pay, contactless payments, Apple pay and many others. Companies that are still using outdated systems not only are leaving their customers open for fraud and information theft, but they are also missing sales opportunities. Thankfully, Royal Debit of Toronto has a range of affordable services for business of all sizes.

Customers today want fast transactions that are easy and uninterrupted, and newer POS systems are able to provide exactly that, along with much more. John, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Royal Debit states, “Whatever the future holds – Royal Debit is on top of the newest technology to ensure businesses have the most innovative and cost-effective way to accept debit and credit cards ensuring our customers are well prepared. Bring on 2017!”

Royal Debit has several options available for companies looking to upgrade their POS to increase customer security while also increasing payment processing speeds. The iWL250 model has an embedded chip read that is upgradable, and you can even add a privacy shield for customers so their PIN numbers are not exposed during the checkout process.  Our models accept traditional magnetic strip cares as well as most newer payment methods. If your company is looking for extra security and faster processing times, the iWL250 is the way to go.

Royal Debit is the top payment processing company in Toronto. In the industry, we have the lowest rates and offer a wide range of services for business in every industry. We offer POS terminals for both credit and debit, along with integrated, mobile and eCommerce payment solutions.If you are ready to grow your business, give us a call at 1-800-953-9505 to see how we can help.