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September 21, 2018 Admin

Top Benefits Of Using Royal Debit Merchant Services

“Consumers no longer are interested in withdrawing cash from the ATM just to pay for purchases.”

In the commercial world today, in order to be successful retailers have to offer a diverse range of convenient payment options to their customers while also maintaining security. In Canada, over 90% of consumers prefer to pay via credit, debit, or other electronic methods as opposed to cash transactions. In fact, Canada is ranked second on the list of cashless societies due to the preference for no cash payment options. Of the 15% of consumers that still use cash for in-store payments, most list complexity of cashless transactions as the reason for not converting.Most well known and reputable card issuing companies such as Interac Debit, MasterCard, American Express, and Visa partner directly with Canadian banks to facilitate secure merchant processing with retailers through merchant services and providers such as Royal Debit.

The Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards

The usage of credit cards or debit cards benefits retailers and consumers alike. Thanks to the advances in technology and mobile processing options, they now make up the fastest payment method. Royal Debit understands that plastic is viewed as an interest-free tool to most consumers in Canada, and we are here to work with merchants by providing on the go, e-commerce, and in-store payment processing that allows your customers to shop with the utmost flexibility. As a retailer, you can capitalize on additional revenue generation comparable with merchants who operate on a cash-only policy.

Consumer Benefits

Regular customers prefer credit cards and debit cards as payment options mainly due to their security. These cards are issued by banks and secured by the top credit card companies making them reliable and safe to use. When you pair this security with the dependable payment processing and merchant services provided by Royal Debit, you can rest assured wherever you checkout. When you have access to easy payment options at check out, it increases the likelihood that you will visit the same store again for future purchases.

Merchant Benefits

Royal Debit is able to help merchants meet the needs and desires of their shoppers by facilitating the option of electronic payments. This removes the need for customers to go to the bank or the ATM prior to shopping. Thanks to the quick service from Royal Debit’s POS terminals, merchants are also able to generate extra revenue. The cost of losing a customer is much higher than the cost of a transaction fee, and doing business with a reliable merchant service provider like Royal Debit is a smart way to handle your handle all of your electronic transactions in a seamless an safe manner.

What to Consider When Pairing with a Merchant Service Provider:

  • Always check a company’s customer service and tech support capabilities. Providers that offer the most up to date advancements and rapid response times are more apt to provide superior service.
  • Look for providers that offer wireless options that can extend the coverage area for on the go business.
  • Providers that are able to integrate “Tap & Go” POS solutions help merchants increase service speeds and boost client satisfaction by reducing wait times.
  • If your business has an eCommerce portal, hosting your cart and integrating a payment gateway online will increase your revenue.

Royal Debit, Canada’s number one payment processor is always here to help you lower your cost while increasing the quality of service and efficiency you offer your customers. Please give us a call at 1-800-953-9505 to see how we can help.

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