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Don’t Ditch Your Traditional Storefront Just Yet – POS Solutions

New studies have been conducted and released by the Financial Post, in partnership with the CBC showing that Canadian retailers are just as much interested in the Internet as a POS storefront solution, as they are a traditional solution. Now, businesses have more of a reason than ever to invest in an eCommerce solution, but statistics don’t lie: they shouldn’t ignore their traditional storefront at the same time. Royal Debit ensures that payment processing solutions are available for both virtual and traditional storefronts.

While we’ve heard a million times (as both consumers and retailers), that we should invest in either/or, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the same study indicates that traditional storefronts are just as popular and needed now as the Internet grows and more stores adapt to a virtual storefront. Investing in new point-of-sale solutions for your traditional storefront are just as important as setting up a virtual storefront for your Internet shoppers.

Another study conducted by the CBC states that in Canada, retail sales completed online make up between 5% and 8% of total retail sales – that’s an incredible amount, despite what you think. While this percentage may be encouraging for those that have their own storefront, and are nervous about making a “switch”, there’s still over 92% of sales to be made in person. We don’t suggest that you completely knock off the Internet’s unchartered territory from your list, but we believe that you can do both successfully. After all, Canada’s online sales up add more than $25 billion dollars into the retail market.

Of course, not all reports are suggesting that you write off traditional POS solutions initially. In fact, rates that were recently calculated state that there’s an 0.5% increase in traditional retail sales – whether you own a department store, large pharmacy, or other types of brick-and-mortar business locations.

After researching both traditional and virtual storefront solutions, the market can be a struggle to read; however, there are quite a few businesses investigating POS solution companies like Royal Debit, as they offer eCommerce and traditional storefront solutions.

Royal Debit offers the best technology, but also the best service for addressing that technology.

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It’s no secret that people are nervous to invest in another product when they don’t know which market they’re going to favor – online or traditional; however, you should always invest in a company that’s willing to help you with both, or either. We offer eCommerce solutions with an easy integration system for buying, while providing a seamless upgrading experience for software. We also offer traditional POS solutions, like the iWL250 as an example. The aforementioned piece of equipment processes debit and credit cards in a fast-paced manner, while providing Wireless Long Range DPRS Technology – ensure portability and power all in one. A leading industry service, Royal Debit is a fantastic choice for handling debit and credit transactions online and in-store.